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  Ferrari F50
  V-12, 48 Valve, 4695cc,520HP
  2003 Ferrari Enzo
  V-12, 48 Valve, 5998cc,660HP
  Ferrari FXX
  V-12, 48 Valve, 6200cc,850HP
  2008 Ferrari 612 Scaglieti F1A
  V-12, 48 Valve, 5748cc,540HP
  2008 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
  V-12, 48 Valve, 5999cc,612HP


Can I Order from other city or other country?
Yes, We are welcome with customer or collectors around the world.

How about the shipping cost?
The delivery can use a express carrier, by air, and by sea. The cost was depend on your quantity and the location of customer. We only use DHL, Fedex, UPS, and Tiki. Its good if the customer have a joint or relations with service delivery or express carrier.

How can I get the price for the items which I want to order?
First fill all fields form at contact us page. And then what items will you want to buy, please write it. Next, well calling you or send the price list by e-mail.

How about the payment if I want to order?
GT accept all bank credit cards, including debit BCA, debit Mandiri and all Prima Debit.
GT also accept bank transfer BCA, CIMB Niaga, and Mandiri Bank

What time our business hours?
We are open everyday from 10 AM until 5 PM local time.

Is that no add charge for the purchase?
No add surcharge for purchase* terms and condition. No add surcharge for customer which the payment using a installment credit card.

The other questions or other news can be found at hot promo.
We always try and care with diecast products and when delivery always more taking care the products with professional staff. And we always appreciate and welcome for customer because the customer satisfy is our happiness.

How we can check my order at express carrier?
After payment with cash, debit card, credit card or bank transfer, we send the goods to express carrier. When the process on express carrier done, well send you the serial number of invoice express carrier. So the customer can trace and known about there goods and more safety.

Bagaimana cara pembayaran menggunakan Paypal / Kartu Kredit?
English Translation Available Below This Text
  1. Kirimkan data diecast yang ingin Anda beli, hubungi kami melalui SMS / form Contact Us
  2. Kami akan (reply) memberikan total harga tersebut (dalam dollar $USD)
  3. Silahkan klik tombol DONATE di gambar di bawah ini:
  4. Masukkan jumlah dollar tsb di kotak DONASI
  5. Jika Anda sudah punya account Paypal, silahkan login terlebih dahulu
  6. Jika Anda belum punya account Paypal, silahkan isi biodata rekening Paypal dan data Kartu Kredit

  1. Send your enquiry or what items diecast you want to buy by e-mail*.
    *:Note please fill all form at contact us including the correct address, no telp daily, no handphone, and contact person.
  2. Well reply immediately to confirm the items with the price and stock by e-mail or direct call. Also with delivery cost or freight cost to your address.
    The price will shown on USD. The price actually for IDR for Indonesia customer, but customer will using USD currency if using PAYPAL or CREDIT CARDS,
    For the delivery cost or freight will be add to customer amount.
  3. And then click 'DONATE' buttons on the picture:
  4. Fill the total amount on USD in the DONATE box.
  5. If you or customer already have a PAYPAL account, please to log in first.
  6. If you or customer not have PAYPAL account, please fill the biodata of Customer and information about your credit cards to transactions correctly at Diamond Garage Toys shop (online).
Note : Buy a miniature diecast with PAYPAL or CREDIT CARDS on Diamond Garage Toys is more easier, effective, efficiently, and safer.

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